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Courtney K.

I have been so affected by my counselling sessions with Emilie that it’s hard to articulate all it’s done for me. I feel completely shifted. I’ve been referring everyone to her since! As a healer myself, I often feel as if I have all the tools and don’t need extra help. I am SO grateful for the mirror Emilie held up for me. I understand my pain and my reactions much more clearly now. I've been gifted the most practical, easy, comforting tools to assist me in my healing journey (my inner child is totally rejoicing). Thank you, Emilie, from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe how relieved and empowered I feel after ONE session. You and your work are such a gift in this life


WOW! Our psychedelic therapy was unlike any ceremony I had so far. It's truly mind-blowing! I feel different at a cellular level. Something deep has been released, and a new sense of direction and fire has been activated. Everything that happened felt very integrative and I feel a lot of ease, flow and gentleness for myself. Thank you so much for your guidance, you have a gift and I look forward to working more with you. 

Jennifer O.

Emilie is a phenomenal and deeply in-tune counsellor. I felt open, safe and connected to myself during our session because of the Space that she was able to create. The personal inquiry, curiosity and caring that was shown during this session allowed for some beautiful breakthroughs. So grateful for what transpired during this time together.
Thank you Emilie!

Jonathan F.

Of all the things I've done for myself on my journey in the past year -- working with plant medicines, an Ayahuasca retreat, a men's retreat, and Sacred Sons -- the one thing that was the most helpful and essential to my growth has been working with Emilie.


Since my MDMA session with Emilie, my whole life has changed! Everything I was studying and reading about, all the therapy I had done for years, finally makes sense, and I can apply it to my life. Something in me just switched, and I really get it now. It's so amazing! Thank you so much for being a powerful and wise guide.

Sarah B.

Emilie offers a safe and sacred space in which you can surrender to whatever is happening within you. I had the most incredible insight whilst being guided by Emilie into my body, and this allowed a release and inner-standing of a deeply - held belief. Emilie has been instrumental in my journey into my body - of acceptance, unconditional love and reclaiming the wild woman within. 
I invite you to taste her powerful medicine.

Callie Ann

I had the most emotional, awakening, and incredible sessions with Emilie. Thank you so much!  It was so much deeper and I got so much more out of it than any therapy or counseling I had experienced before. I highly recommend working with Emilie.

Claudia & Chris

The psychedelic couple therapy with Emilie was eye-opening and a powerful healing experience for both of us. After the first day of the therapy, our communication significantly improved. It gave us much understanding and compassion for each other. Emilie guided us in the best way by asking the right questions while providing a safe space to unpack and lovingly resolve conflicts. It was a shifting point in our relationship, and we absolutely recommend it. We are so grateful for Emilie. Thank you.

Azriel Hudson

Emilie is impeccably gifted at what she does! I immediately felt very safe and was able to open within minutes of meeting with her. She supported me in discovering a new part of myself that I have been operating from subconsciously. Through her somatic and verbal guidance, I was able to meet myself with compassion and understanding, and gain clarity. I felt lighter, free, and more connected to my authentic Self. I am so grateful to Emilie for sharing her magic and wisdom and for taking on this work.

Claudia D.

My MDMA assisted-therapy session was the most amazing and healing experience of my life so far! Emilie, thank you for everything. I feel like I have new eyes. Everything looks and feels different. I am liberated from all the negativity I use to carry. This created such a positive impact on my life.

Emma L.

Emilie's authenticity and intuition are a breathe of fresh air. Her ability to read body language and hold space for her clients is a beautiful gift. I was fortunate to experience this first hand during our session. She made me feel safe, allowing me to reflect on a deeper & more meaningful level. Having her open me up with her gentle guidance was incredibly validating and a much-needed step in my continued growth and overall connection to my Authentic Self.


I am IN LOVE with your work and power! Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Claire D H.

Working with Emilie was a very profound experience! I was amazed at how fast she guided me right to my core, facing one of my shadows (related to childhood). She works in a very authentic way in which she uses her strong intuition, and psychic abilities combined with her incredible level of knowledge. She guided me in such a direct but gentle way. I am feeling so much gratitude for our connection! Thank you!

Christopher D.

I can’t explain with words how much MDMA and mushroom therapy gave me. It was such a decisive moment when I realized what my fears were taking away from me. The therapy allowed me to become more compassionate toward myself. It was so healing and magical. I feel I can now better understand my traumas and how to address them. l will have every and each of your wise words in mind moving forward; you really have a gift! I am feeling very grateful to you and psychedelic therapy.


Emilie is a wonderful, compassionate healer, and I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking emotional support or guidance. Better than any regular therapist I’ve ever gone to! She really knows what she’s doing and is very knowledgeable when it comes to inner child healing, breathwork, and mindfulness. You can tell she truly cares about you & your well-being and is just an all-around beautiful soul. Thank you Emilie!

Naomi L.

Emilie’s passion to empower others and unveil their true selves is evident from the moment you meet her. I felt cared about and knew she was present, focused on listening to my heart and reading my energy. She shines a light in the darkness! Shadow work is hard no matter who you are, but Emilie made it feel a lot less scary. I value my time spent with her and highly recommend reaching out to her if you are struggling to break patterns or find your True Essence.


The psychedelic therapy with Emilie was terrific! I felt supported and guided with my intentions. Her presence during both sessions was professionally held, spacious to my process and encouraging to internal exploration. I highly recommend trying this approach with her since it felt very beneficial for my healing journey to have someone who knows and understands me with the opening amplification of a Psychedelic. I experienced potent breakthroughs. Thank you so much!​



Shone A.

I have desired to come across a person like Emilie. My session with her made me feel a connection to myself in a way that I could accept my reality and all the emotions that come with it. Overall my session refreshed my mind and body. Emilie has a brightness to her that makes it very comfortable to open up and acknowledge what lies right within you! Thank you so much for this!


Emilie’s work is magic! Since working with her, I feel so authentically me. I am lighter than ever and feel so blessed that I found her. She asked the right questions that helped me shift my perspective and expand my consciousness. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Ashley L.

Emilie is a profoundly intuitive healer who holds space in a gentle yet strong way. The inquiry she guided me through allowed me to quickly connect many dots throughout my life and understand some of the patterns that I've played out subconsciously. I truly felt that Emilie saw and understood me, and more importantly, I saw and understood myself. Thank you Emilie, for offering such a safe and nurturing space - I feel so grateful to have been touched by your gifts.


I went on a full journey of tears, laughter, and body explosion under the graceful guidance of Emilie. My little 3 years old self and I had a beautifully revealing and healing chat. Thank you for holding such incredible space and offering this work. You are such a gift to this world.

Curry A.

I left feeling seen and lovingly guided back toward a deeper clarity within myself. Emilie supported me in circling back to the root of what was weighing heavy on my heart and generated space and acceptance where there had been resistance before. I felt an immediate sense of safety and soul connection in her presence and felt no reservations in being totally vulnerable and authentic. Emilie holds a gentle yet potent and attuned space for tending the tender parts of ourselves and welcoming healing to move through. It is a true gift.

Chloe S.

I had a very moving and transformative session with Emilie. I really appreciated how she nurtured a safe place for me to listen to my own body, the loving and curious way she asked explorative questions, and the heart-lifting, soul-reviving homework she gave me! I highly recommend a session with her if you’re interested in continuing to unravel the layers of your trauma and conditioning to live a happier, more authentic life!

Jasmine R.

Emilie is a clear divine mirror for the hidden parts of myself. With her, my shadows can’t hide, I can finally see myself with loving awareness. I’m so grateful for her presence and support in my life!

Rochelle B.

Working with Emilie was incredible! I have tried many healing therapies and practices, but this experience was different, unique, extremely powerful. Emilie has a really wonderful, loving, and genuine approach to holding space. She saw and understood me despite having just met! I felt extremely comfortable and held. What I'd been struggling to understand and process for years suddenly made much more sense. I highly recommend working with Emilie, and I look forward to working with her lots more!- Rochelle B.

Jessica W.

Emilie is truly wonderful at what she does. She makes you feel comfortable and creates a safe space to be vulnerable. Her method is compassionate but she does not shy away from digging deeper and challenging you to get to the core of your issues. After only 1 session, I gained clarity and insight. I would highly recommend working with Emilie.


It was such a gift to experience this beautiful soul in a session. Emilie's unique skills and facilitation process allowed me to release past guilt and anger for choices made by my 21-year-old self. So many tears were shed, which created space for awareness & self-compassion. Emilie guided me full circle, helping me connect the dots as to where these trapped emotions were holding me back from experiencing life fully today. I feel so refreshed and energized. Thank you!

Rachele P.

My journey through working with Emilie was one of the most powerful and self-caring experience I have ever had in my life. Emilie has so much gentleness and wisdom. She allowed me to explore my inner self, guiding me with a loving yet strong presence! I have discovered the real meaning of surrendering and will be forever grateful. If you'd like to dive in depth within YOU please gift yourself this awesome experience. Emilie has all the tools you need to guide you during this journey. Listen and be amazed!

Leo S.

I am grateful to have found with Emilie a therapeutic space in which I feel safe.

Through my work with her this past year, I’ve learned that my unresolved traumas and their parts need a slow, steady, secure and set space. It’s been a gift to be able to commit to such a process with Emilie, with her safe container, her insightful observations, her guiding questions and her timely inquiries. Thank you Emilie for helping me always connect to myself, my sovereignty and inner clarity.

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