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Somatic & Relational Counselling

The body knows, so does the soul

Healthy living is based on seven pillars: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, social, spiritual and ancestral. All of these deserve to be attended to with equal care. When working with me, we access the root cause of pain to restore inner harmony for every pillar.

Healing is a journey of returning home to ourselves by integrating and embracing our fragmented parts and accessing our unique inner healing intelligence.

My direct approach reaches the core issue in a soulful, and compassionate way. My practice encompasses multiple modalities, and through my decade of experience, I have created my unique approach, focusing on and combining somatics, relational, and ancestral elements.

I offer an in-depth therapeutic space of 9 (75 min) sessions called
"Journey Into The Sefl."

This container is for those who desire to dive deep and invest wholeheartedly in their emotional and spiritual health or want to achieve something that is important to them.

During our sessions, I can help you with

Trauma resolution • psychedelic integration & preparation • Lifestyle changes • Relationships & sexuality • Addiction & eating disorders • Breaking unhealthy patterns • Authentic Living • Embodiment • Spiritual Connection • Inner Peace 

160$ - 60 min
200$ - 90 min
 600$ - Package of 4 (60 min)
1500$ - "Into the self journey" 9 sessions (75 min)

*If you feel deeply called to work with me and cannot afford my fees, please send me a personal request. I can accommodate some people based on a different set of life circumstances*

Feel free to book a discovery call if you wish to know more.

I went on a full journey of tears, laughter, and body explosion under the graceful guidance of Emilie. My little 3 years old self and I had a beautifully revealing and healing chat. Thank you for holding such incredible space and offering this work. You are such a gift to this world.

- Jai

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