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What a journey that was! I feel AMAZING! Our MDMA session was truly incredible. I am so grateful for your compassion, attention and support. You are a magic worker. I feel so much acceptance of myself. So much love and happiness are now available to me, and my full potential as a conscious being is ahead of me. I know the path forward.
Thank you!

- K.L


& psychedelic guide mentorship

Guided psychedelic experiences hold incredible healing potential. As your guide, I help you safely navigate and process your psychedelic journey to gain as much as possible from this experience. 

My approach is unique. I have crafted a therapeutic setting designed to take you to the depth of yourself and create meaningful and lasting changes. This soulful experience holds the potential for life-changing insights and potent transformation.

When used with the proper tools, intention, preparation, and guidance, psychedelics can allow us to access hidden parts of ourselves and stories, broaden our perspective and release unprocessed emotions, traumas, and so much more!

My offering of this holistic healing experience

We begin with a minimum of three counselling sessions to create an honest and safe connection. Feeling trust and building a solid foundation is essential for the success of psychedelic therapy.

After the three sessions, we proceed with the psychedelic-assisted therapy. The journey is in-person (online sessions can be offered depending on the situation). On the other side of psychedelic treatment, we follow up with at least one integration session.

Potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy include

Trauma recovery & resolution • Treatment of PTSD • Helps with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Shift in perspective • Meaningful insights • Promote breakthroughs • Helps treating eating disorder

Creative inspiration • Meaningful transformation • Spiritual experience 

My fees$

 170$ - 60 min preparation & Integration

250$ - 90 min preparation & integartion

 600$ - package of 4 preparation & integration  (60 min)

700$ - 6-hour online psychedelic therapy + 1 integration session

1000$ - 6-hour in person psychedelic therapy + 1 integration session

*If you feel deeply called to work with me and cannot afford my fees, please send me a personal request. I can accommodate some people based on a different set of life circumstances*


Psychedelic Guide Mentorship




Who is this for: Professional mental health/trauma-informed facilitators. 


You need to have completed at least one trauma-informed course, or a counselling or psychology program. Have a minimum of one year of experience with 1:1 clients (non-psychedelic), have regular self-care, embodied and mindfulness practices. Have somatic awareness and knowledge, and have personal experiences with psychedelics in a therapeutic setting.

In this three-month container, I will help you create an offering that resonates with who you are as a facilitator and build an honest and authentic practice. I will share the essential insights, wisdom, and knowledge acquired during this work (300+ sessions) and guide you in building a psychedelic practice that is safe, impactful, and of high integrity. 



My fees$

 2000$ - Psychedelic guide mentorship

Feel free to book a discovery call if you wish to know more.

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