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What a journey that was! I feel AMAZING! Our MDMA session was truly incredible. I am so grateful for your compassion, attention and support. You are a magic worker. I feel so much acceptance of myself. So much love and happiness are now available to me, and my full potential as a conscious being is ahead of me. I know the path forward.
Thank you!

- K.L

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

& Psychedelic Guide Mentorship

Guided psychedelic experiences hold incredible healing potential. As your guide, I help you safely navigate and process your psychedelic journey to gain as much as possible from this experience. I work with MDMA in my practice.

My approach is unique. I have crafted a therapeutic setting designed to take you to the depth of yourself and create meaningful and lasting changes. This soulful experience holds the potential for deep insights, emotional/trauma release, and potent transformation.

My offering of this holistic healing experience

We begin with at least 3 counselling sessions to create an honest and safe connection. Feeling trust and building a solid foundation is essential for the success of psychedelic therapy.

After the 3 sessions, we proceed with the psychedelic-assisted therapy. The journey is in-person (online sessions can be offered depending on the situation). On the other side of psychedelic treatment, we follow up with at least one integration session.

Potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy include

Trauma recovery & resolution • Treatment of PTSD • Helps with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Shift in perspective • Meaningful insights • Promote breakthroughs • Supportive in treating eating disorder • Creative inspiration • Lasting transformation • Spiritual experience • Processing Grief • Supporting big Life transition

*Disclaimer: Psychedelics are not a magical cure to any suffering or mental health issues, and please know that there is always a potential for risk involved in taking any mind-altering substance*

 160$ - 60 min preparation or integartion

200$ - 90 min preparation or integration

600$ - Package of 4 (60 min) preparation or integration

700$ - 6-hour online psychedelic therapy + 1 integration session

1000$ - 6-hour in person psychedelic therapy + 1 integration session

*If you feel deeply called to work with me and cannot afford my fees, please send me a personal request. I can accommodate some people based on a different set of life circumstances*

Psychedelic Guide Mentorship

• Who is this for


Mental health professionals and trauma-trained facilitators.

You must complete at least one trauma-informed course or a counselling, psychology, or mental health-based program. Have a minimum of one year experience with 1:1 clients (non-psychedelic), have a regular self-care, embodied, and mindfulness practice. Have somatic awareness and knowledge. Have personal experiences with psychedelics in a therapeutic setting for yourself. Having done at least one psychedelic therapy with me or doing one before applying for the mentorship.


• What is it?


In this six-month container, you will have nine private sessions of 75 minutes. I will help you create an offering that resonates with who you are as a facilitator and build an honest and authentic practice. I will share with you the essential insights, wisdom, and knowledge I have acquired doing this work (300+ sessions) and guide you in building a psychedelic space that is safe, impactful, and of high integrity. You will have to do six psychedelic guided sessions practice during the mentorship. 

​If you feel inspired to introduce psychedelics in your healing work, feel free to get in touch with me.


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