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I am a 39-year-old French Canadian woman based in Vancouver who travels regularly to different continents to offer my work worldwide. I have been journeying around the globe for multiple years to study all kinds of healing arts, and I continue to do so. My passion for my work is ever-expanding.

I am trained in multiple modalities (see below) and deeply in touch with my intuitive abilities. My gift resides in helping you see the unseen and feel the unfelt. 

Through my commitment to tend to all parts of myself and living a conscious and spiritually infused life, I have healed my core wounds and overcame depression, profound grief, an eating dis
order, and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs. I transformed trauma, disconnection and pain into wholeness, inner peace and sovereignty. 

My personal journey and ten years of experience working with clients taught me that healing does not come from a singular practice but must be experienced holistically and in an embodied way while held in emotional safety in the presence of others.

I have been on the path of plant medici
ne and psychedelic healing for the last 15 years, which has profoundly transformed my life and those of my clients. I work with psychedelics in my practice in a therapeutic setting. 

Education & trainings
Compassionate Inquiry, Dr. Gabor Mate

Family Constellation, Hellinger Institute by Marnia Toledo

Inherited Family Trauma, Mark Wolynn
Psychedelic therapy mentoring, Amber Kelly MS, LMFT

Internal Family System, IFS Institute 

Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine 

Sexology, University of Quebec in Montreal

Yin Yoga Teacher, True North Yoga

Psychic Development, Boulder Psychic Institute

Reiki Master Teacher, Kailash tribal School of India

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your healing path. 

With loving intention

Emilie Button

Emilie offers a safe and sacred space in which you can surrender to whatever is happening within you. I had the most incredible insight whilst being guided by Emilie into my body, and this allowed a release and inner-standing of a deeply - held belief. Emilie has been instrumental in my journey into my body - of acceptance, unconditional love and reclaiming the wild woman within. 
I invite you to taste her powerful medicine.

- Sarah Bolten

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